East Yorkshire brewery launches low alcohol beer

The team at a Wold Newton based brewery has brewed its first low alcohol beer.

Wold Top Brewery’s Intuition (<0.5% vol.) is a hop forward pale that has been brewed in response to consumer demand for no and low alcohol drinks.

Brewery manager Alex Balchin said: “We’re really pleased with our first low alcohol brew. It’s a flavourful ale with citrussy notes and fruity hits.

“Developing Intuition took several months as we experimented with different recipes that fitted our house style of balanced malts and hops, not too bitter and not too sweet, with a good aroma and a fuller mouthfeel than other non/low alcohol beers.”

Inspiration is available online at woldtopbrewery.co.uk and from selected independent retailers throughout Yorkshire. It costs £1.26 for a 330ml bottle. It’s gluten free and suitable for vegans.