Enjoy the best of Yorkshire Beef at Lockwood’s Steak Festival

From the 8th to 18th April, Lockwood’s chefs invite you to their two-week long Steak Festival showcasing some of the best cuts from the extensive range of Farmison & Co’s rare breed selection. Bring a gathering of friends or family and enjoy the best cuts of delicious air-dried steaks at Lockwood’s restaurant on 83 North Street, Ripon.

LWDespite highly recommending every cut of steak on the menu, Lockwood’s owner Matthew believes the most unusual dish is their 30, 60 and 90 day dry-aged steak tasting platter. Commented Mathew: “You rarely see this because of the sheer cost: enormous loss of moisture and weight,” he explains. “But the longer the meat is dry hung the more the flavour develops; like a good Gorgonzola or Stilton.”

Continued Matthew: “Our beef supplier Farmison & Co has been carefully maturing their local beef so we can create a steak plate that will allow our guests to try meat aged to 30, 60 and 90 days. The change in flavour and texture is simply wonderful and all from right here in Yorkshire.

“This festival concentrates on beef quality and on providing a fun, informal atmosphere in which the aficionado and steak lover can pursue his or her study of the effect of breed, feed, and age on flavour.” Added Lockwood’s

Farmison & Co Managing Director, John Pallagi states: “We mature meat in a time old, traditional way, by air drying. You will find it difficult to find dry-aged meat in supermarkets; they wet age their meat by vacuum packing. Dry aging meat allows the air to circulate around it and makes the meat much more tender and much more flavorsome. Wet aging is usually only between 21 to 28 days, while dry aging can be up to 120 days. It makes a huge difference in texture, tenderness and ultimately taste.”

Also on the menu at the festival is a very special Milk Fed English Veal, a much sought after veal which is naturally reared and milk fed; along with Swaledale mutton which graze on the Yorkshire Swaledale farms.

More information on Farmison & Co. and for home cooks to buy check out their website https://www.farmison.com including provenance and how the meat is prepared.

For further information or to book a table for the Steak Festival, call 01765 607555 or go to http://www.lockwoodsrestaurant.co.uk