Freedom to Graze’ milk protecting the rights of cows and farmers

A third-generation dairy business based in Grassington, in the Yorkshire Dales, are leading the way with their support of free-range milk.

In partnership with the Free Range Dairy Network, Dales Dairies ‘Freedom to Graze’ free-range milk is produced under the Pasture Promise logo, which means that not only are the cows guaranteed grazing rights, but the farmers are paid a premium for their milk. The accreditation not only benefits the cows and the famers, who are a paid a premium for their product, but also makes it easy for customers to support local dairy farmers and local businesses, whilst keeping the cows in fields.  

Established in 1938, Dales Dairies produce, process and distribute milk throughout the region, with over 95% sourced direct from local farms.

The family run business offers consumers fresh milk with a clear provenance which meets customers’ needs, from wanting the best milk for home, coffee shop or their businesses.

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