‘Getting Pickled’

*Treboom Brewery’s Kettle Drum Best Bitter, has, until recently, only been available over the bar. But thanks to Sally Hargrave of The Harrogate Preserves Co. it can now be found lending its fruity flavours to her delicious Ale, Fig and Apricot Chutney.*

Until now, Sally bought bottled beer from the supermarket to add to her extremely popular chutney. Sally said, ‘One day I was standing in the supermarket and thought it crazy not to be using a named beer from a local microbrewery’. She appealed via Twitter, and Treboom Brewery of Shipton-by-Beningbrough, York stepped forward. John Lewis of Treboom said, “Jane and I think there’s nothing better than a wedge of blue cheese or Wensleydale, a generous helping of chutney washed down with a pint of best bitter” They jumped at the chance of collaborating with Sally, ‘its all our favourite things rolled into one package, we are very excited to be involved’

Sally soaks the figs and apricots in the beer before making the chutney. ‘The result is fabulous, said John, ‘Our Kettle Drum Best Bitter is made with Cascade and Northdown hops, flavours which work very well in the chutney recipe.

Both Treboom Brewery and Harrogate Preserves are small Yorkshire producers who share a similar outlook, high quality small-scale production and the personal approach. “We were just delighted to be asked”, said John, “its just the sort of thing we love to do”. Harrogate Preserves Ale, Fig and Apricot Chutney can be found in delis and restaurants across Yorkshire including: Yorkshire Pantry in York,
Weetons, The Cheeseboard and Fodder in Harrogate.

“Click here to view their website”:http://www.treboom.co.uk/