Good Food is a Plenty this weekend

Well isn’t it a weekend for good food!

This weekend is seeing two great food markets, firstly York Farmers Market and secondly the bigger Wakefield Food and Drink Rhubarb Festival, you really are spoilt for choice!

Wakefield Food and Drink Rhubarb festival is a brilliant sight for February. It is a celebration of local food and of course Yorkshire rhubarb! This year there will be a gorgeous array of food. From all things sweet like Sciolti Chocolates and Johnsons Toffees to all things spicy with Curry Cuisine, there will be pies and Punch Brews famous non-alcoholic punch. Wakefield 2013 will be just as delectable as ever before and is not to be missed! Wakefield Food, Drink and Rhubarb festival runs from the 22nd-24th February.

If you are in North Yorkshire we suggest trying York Farmers today. This is the first time deliciouslyorkshire has had a presence at the market. There will be a huge variety from flavoured alcohols from Raisthorpe Manor through to Puckett Pickle’s amazing pickles and chutneys (we recommend the red onion chutney). For your baked goods Fullers Bakery never disappoint and your meat from Heck foods because you know what you know what you’re getting honest food with them.