No, it’s not a red herring ““ Staal Smokehouse really is sending kippers in the mail!

The award-winning East Yorkshire smokery has revived the historic practice of posting a fishy supper so its customers can taste some of Britain’s best.

Its new Oak and Apple Wood Smoked Kippers are carefully cured in Justin Staal’s bespoke smoker at Long Riston before hot-footing in small parcels to customers’ doors, ready to eat.

Sustainably fished in Iceland, the whole herring is butterflied before being salted and cold smoked over smoldering chips, in a Yorkshire tradition that dates back to the Victorian era.

Easy to cook and even better for you, kippers are a treasure trove of nutrition and packed with happy fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and brain boosting DHA) ““ not to mention an ocean-full of antioxidants and Vitamin D ““ and have had a sharp rise in popularity over the last decade.

“Part of the reason people love kippers again is that TV chefs are using them more often and people are once more appreciating their lovely flavour and versatility,” says Justin Staal, who, along with wife Georgina, makes an eight-strong range of delicately hand-smoked poultry and fish at Staal.

“They not only make a wonderful breakfast kedgeree with halved eggs, they’re great in a Niçoise-style salad, lavished with bacon and new potatoes and can be wrapped in foil with lashings of butter to warm on the barbecue. And, if you’re worried about those whiffs, try jugging them. Simply place them head down in boiling water for six to eight minutes, pat dry, and serve with melting butter, a tang of lemon and plenty of pepper. So try a taste post-haste ““ but please don’t return to sender!”