A bottle of one of top chef Rosemary Shrager’s favourite tipples will be waiting for her when she emerges from the Australian jungle thanks to Ampleforth Abbey.

Rosemary has joined the popular TV show this week and won’t be able to enjoy a North Yorkshire drink that she’s described as a brandy “better than Calvados”.

Ripon-based Rosemary tried Ampleforth Cider Brandy at the Malton Food Lovers Festival and declared it “the best in the world” as well as using it in a cookery demonstration.

Roughing it in a rainforest, she is deprived of the drink, which she said she “absolutely loves and can’t recommend it enough to everybody”.
However she will find a bottle waiting for her when she returns home.

“After the trials of the jungle, and some rotten food and drink, we know she’ll appreciate the finer things once again” said Sean McFetrich, Director of Commercial Operations at Ampleforth Abbey,
“We’re sending a bottle of our cider brandy so that it’s ready for her on her return” said Sean.

The brandy is made from more than 40 apple varieties grown in the Abbey’s orchard. It is then fermented at the Abbey before maturing for five years