Ilkley Brewery Launches New Beer

Yorkshire’s multi-award winning Ilkley Brewery launches The Mayan: the latest beer in its Origins range. Taking inspiration from an ancient Mayan recipe, this 5.3% chocolate Chipotle stout is velvety smooth and bittersweet with subtle smoky tones.

Created in collaboration with food and drink video blogger, Jo Pickard, also known as Lady Gadabout, The Mayan is made with Galena, Bramling Cross and Chinook hops and features a friendly kick of smoked Chipotle chillies and bittersweet chocolate.

The Mayan is the first beer of 2013 to launch in the Origins line which celebrates some of the world’s greatest ales. Linking up with leading beer luminaries like Melissa Cole and Pete Brown to create the beers, the Origins range explores traditional methods and innovative techniques to craft exciting new ales packed with flavour.

Speaking about the launch of The Mayan, Luke Raven, from Ilkley Brewery, said: “A big focus for us this year is to combine our passion for making celebrated traditional real ales with our appetite for new and exciting ingredients and techniques. Our Origins range, including beers like The Mayan, is a great example of this philosophy and we hope to push a few boundaries while staying very true to our Yorkshire brewing heritage.”

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