In honour of its turn of the century predecessors, Ilkley Brewery has delved into the Ilkley Brewery and Aerated Water Company’s archives to recreate a popular Victorian Pale Ale known as a Dinner Ale.

The award-winning Yorkshire brewery has given the 130 year old recipe a modern slant by using Australian and American hops to create a very light, crisp 3.3% beer designed as the perfect accompaniment to food. Ilkley Brewery’s Dinner Ale will be the latest addition to its Origins range which celebrates some of the world’s greatest beers.

Luke Raven from Ilkley Brewery said: “During Victorian times, wine started to be associated with wealth and beer was found on the tables of working families. Dinner Ales were the affordable option and in contrast to the heavy milds and porters of the time, were generally light and crisp so as to be easy-drinking with food. We were intrigued that this style seemed to have died out and were keen to reintroduce it, particularly as matching beer with food is one of our passions. We have scoured the archives and used our brewing experience to create our version of a Victorian classic.”

Ilkley Brewery’s Dinner Ale is available in cask and bottles. The beer is currently being served in the following outlets:
– The Crescent Inn, Ilkley
– 15 Market Town Taverns across Yorkshire
– York Tap
– Sheffield Tap
– Whitelocks, Leeds
– Sparrow Bier Café, Bradford
– Mr Foleys, Leeds
– Friends of Ham, Leeds
– Dock Street Market, Leeds
– Common, Manchester
– 12 pubs in the Antic group across London

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