It’s a jolly fine start to 2014 for the Gordon Rhodes brand!

Looking forward to the year ahead, and enjoying the accolade of CoolBrands 2013/2014
status, Gordon Rhodes (GR) is delighted to announce the launch of 4 new products to
heighten its gourmet range of jolly fine stuffings, slow cook sauce mixes, rubs, sprinkles
and crumb coaters designed to enhance meat fish and vegetable dishes.
Extending the GR Slow Cook gourmet sauce range are:

Slow & Steamy Moroccan Style Tagine Gourmet Sauce Mix – bringing home the seductive flavours of North African cuisine with an exotic blend of cumin, paprika, cinnamon and the sweetness of plump apricots to create a sultry tagine style dish and The Pig Easy American Style Pulled Pork Gourmet Sauce Mix – delivering slow roasting melt in the mouth, juicy, southern style smokey BBQ pulled pork with smoked
paprika, fennel and chipotle chilli. And for consumers seeking ‘free-from’ and ‘lifestyle
choices’ GR is also unveiling its: Gluten Free Drop Bread Gorgeous Sauce Mix ““ Gordon’s
gorgeous gourmet creamy gluten free bread sauce with crunchy onion, nutmeg, bay and clove. A quintessentially British classic accompaniment to roast chicken dishes and A Jolly Fine Gluten Free Gourmet & Onion Stuffing Mix ““ incorporating a special blend of seasoned gluten free breadcrumbs, sage and onion to offer choice to our gluten intolerant and healthier lifestyle consumers. Ideal as a coater or topper, rolled into balls, or filled into tray bakes, it’s a fantastically versatile free-from option.

Gordon Rhodes loved exploring the globe in search of exotic tastes and flavours and has supplied the food industry with a quality range of aromatic and flavoursome recipes for over 30 years.
Inspired by nostalgia and selecting only tasty, wholesome and hearty ingredients, the GR brand provides the perfect partner in gourmet flavours for Jolly Fine home cooking for today’s time conscious cooks.