A new beer, named Joshua Jane, has been created with the help of two Leeds Home Brew competition winners and is the first beer to showcase Ilkley Brewery’s new brand identity

A rich, nut brown Yorkshire ale at 3.7%, Joshua Jane is a traditional Yorkshire bitter made using Amarillo and Columbus hops, both from America, giving it unique Ilkley Brewery hop character. The ‘deceptively different’ ale has been put to the taste test and pairs well with dishes like beef and chorizo casserole and lighter foods like blue cheese and apricots.

Joint winners of the Leeds Home Brew competition, David Bishop and Matt Lovell from Leeds, spent the day with the brew team at Ilkley to help create the new beer which will now join the brewery’s core range.

Initially, Joshua Jane will be sold exclusively at all 15 Market Town Taverns sites in Yorkshire and then on 10 October, it is being launched in Leeds at Friends of Ham. Hereafter it will be available at Craft Beer Co. pubs in London and then nationwide.

What’s in a name?
In keeping with the story behind the spa town’s famous folk song, ‘On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at’ (‘On Ilkley Moor without a hat’), Ilkley Brewery has named this latest brew after the chap who is believed to be Mary Jane’s suitor. Mary Jane is also the name of Ilkley’s flagship beer which was first brewed in 2009 when the brewery launched.

Speaking about Joshua Jane, Chris Ives, one of Ilkley Brewery’s directors, said: “When the guys from Leeds Home Brew approached us to run a competition with their members, we challenged them with creating an American brown ale-style beer. The quality of brews we judged was immensely high meaning there was no alternative but to choose David and Matt as joint winners.

“We brewed with the winners in early September and we’re thrilled to finally be unveiling this brilliant Yorkshire bitter which is also the ‘poster beer’ for our new brand.”

Joshua Jane is the first of Ilkley’s beers to showcase the brewery’s new brand. The re-design has been implemented to reflect the brewery’s growing national exposure and it is hoped the fresh new look will give the brand even greater stand-out in a crowded real ale market.

Taking inspiration from the original artwork of its turn of the century predecessor, the Ilkley Brewery and Aerated Water Company, Ilkley Brewery’s new creative combines this heritage with elements of its previous branding to give a recognisable sense of continuity. Each of Ilkley’s beers has also been given its own identity and strap line, creating even more talking points for the customer.

“We hope the new designs capture our customers’ imagination and attention in what is a booming and busy craft beer market,” said Luke Raven, Ilkley Brewery’s media and marketing brewer. “At Ilkley, we have a fabulous brewing heritage which we want to celebrate while at the same time remaining innovative and exciting as a brand and in our brewing.”

Ilkley Brewery’s new creative has been produced by Leeds-based Danny Pig Designs.

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