Local Artist Creates Airport Mural for HECK

A mural designed by a talented local artist for Yorkshire sausage maker HECK has taken pride of place at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Harrogate-based Lizzie Anthony was commissioned to design the mural inspired by the popular Bedale-based company depicting A Day In The Life of HECK to include the family, colleagues and even dogs, at the heart of the business.

Set against the backdrop of Yorkshire’s rolling hills, artist Lizzie said: “I created a journey from the farm, where it all began, to the factory, depicting the HECK entourage along its way.

“The initial idea of a ‘journey’ came from the colourful collection of vehicles in which the family and friends behind HECK travel up and down the country. 

Seen by thousands 100,000’s of travellers, the mural has pride of place at arrivals at Leeds Bradford Airport. HECK has also re-created the artwork and has it proudly on display at shows and exhibitions all over the country.