British Premium Sausage Company

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Having supplied all kinds of Meat Game and Poultry products to some of the finest, and well known Hotels, Restaurants and Banqueting Halls within Food industry, our hands on Directors Andy Dalton and Ian Cundell have developed a good understanding of not only what out clients are looking for, but what their customers have come to expect from them.

As sausage making is not exactly “Rocket Science” (good quality meat, seasonings, herbs, chilled water, good beer or quality cider, mince mix, fill into skins, DONE!!) this got us wondering why the Great British Sausage, which has a great reputation for being tasty, succulent and very satisfying, is letting us down so much?

In our opinion, corner cutting, inferior ingredients, and slap dash methods are the biggest causes for the disappointment.

Obviously it is only fair to recognise that there are many very good local producers of The Great British Sausage out there and thank goodness for that. However many of our clients need to have that standard of product throughout all of their establishments, which in many cases cover England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Hence the birth of The British Premium Sausage Company, and as they say, the rest is history!!