New Beer at Black Sheep

Black SheepBlack Sheep Brewery founder Paul Theakston is being honoured with a stunning new ale crafted in tribute to his pioneering spirit.

Pathmaker, the latest beer from the iconic North Yorkshire brewery, is the first keg beer in a new era of creativity at Black Sheep, which has seen a number of exciting developments including a new look for flagship cask beers Best Bitter and Golden Sheep.

Paul, who is still Black Sheep’s Chairman, founded the Brewery in 1992, fighting back against what he saw as a deluge of bland beer from mass corporations. The result was the creation of one of Britain’s favourite breweries and more than 100 jobs in the town of Masham.

Pathmaker sees Black Sheep reach out to a wider drinking audience and tell the Black Sheep story in a modern and creative way. The beer is aimed at pubs and bars looking to offer new and different beer brands to increasingly curious beer enthusiasts.

With its eye-catching hand drawn branding, Pathmaker is a 5% ABV pale ale, brewed with Chinook hops, with an adventurous malty mouth feel and a moreish, crisp bitter finish.

Jo Theakston, Black Sheep Brewery’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “The beer market is changing and so is the growing audience of young drinkers looking for something new. When my Dad, Paul, embarked on his own adventure by setting up the Black Sheep Brewery in 1992, he did so to become independent and combat bland beer. Pathmaker is inspired by him and we are innovating in that spirit.

“Pathmaker will help us reach out and tell my Dad’s story and that of Black Sheep to drinkers who may be getting into beer for the first time. If you look around the market, new beers are being launched almost daily but we have a history we are proud of and want to re-tell our pioneering tale and connect with new drinkers.”