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Completing this form is the first step in entering the Deliciouslyorkshire Taste Awards 2021.

Full terms and conditions for entrants can be found on our Taste Awards Terms & Conditions page.

Company Name

Year Company Established

Number of Products per Category

Please enter the number of products you wish to submit under each category, and then scroll down to the Product Names box below to add the names of all of the individual products you are entering into each category.

Both sweet and savoury items are welcome including cakes, breads, pastries etc

Any beer, lager, stout, or cider brewed in Yorkshire is eligible to enter this category

Specifically non-alcoholic drinks

Cheese of all varieties

Sweets and chocolate of all types and varieties

Any fish or seafood product caught or produced in the county. Can include whole cuts or value-added products such as smoked salmon

This is a broad category that can include food that addresses a specific dietary requirement such as gluten free or dairy free. Please only enter products that have been specifically designed / intended for these markets

Any whole cut of meat that has not had any value added, ie chicken breast, steak etc

Fresh fruit or vegetables grown within Yorkshire

Including yoghurt and any other sweet or savoury product produced with milk (excluding cheese)

Store cupboard products including cereals, sauces and rubs

Of any form or flavour

Any meat with a value added element such as sausages, burgers etc

Including ready meals or any savoury products such as pasties etc (excluding pork pies)

Chutneys, bread dippers, humous etc

Jams, dessert sauces, honey etc

Including mead, gin, whisky etc. This category may be split into more specific areas if the volume of entries warrants it

Product Names

Enter the names of each product in the above order – you can enter multiple products under each category

Non-Product Categories

Supporting Statement

PLEASE NOTE: A supporting statement is NOT required for product entries, only for the non-product categories listed above.
For each non-product category you have entered please include a supporting statement and extra information on why your business should win! The judges in the first round will be looking for Communication of Provenance, Evidence of Local Sourcing, Great Customer Service, Effective Marketing and your company mission. Entries which do not supply the necessary supporting evidence will not be successful in the first round of judging.

Supporting information can be attached to the form or sent separately by post or email to deliciouslyorkshire. All supporting information must be marked clearly to indicate which entry it refers to.

All supporting information must be received by Wednesday 31st August.

Supporting information checklist:
– Communication of provenance (menus, shelf talkers, brochures)
– Evidence of local sourcing (supplier list, percentage of local food used within the business)
– Great customer services (customer reviews, testimonials, proof of going the extra mile)
– Effective marketing (press clippings, other awards won, special events, loyalty schemes)
– Company mission (tell the judges what’s most important to your business)


Extra information: You can attach one pdf document of any extra information to support entry to this form. Any additional documents will need to be emailed to team@deliciouslyorkshire.co.uk

(max file size 64 MB)

The Judy Bell Local Food Hero Award

Finally, why not say thank you to someone who you think deserves a mention! Nominate your LOCAL FOOD HERO for FREE!

Nominate your favourite local food personality for the Local Food Hero award. We’re looking for those people on the Yorkshire food and drink scene who go the extra mile to promote Yorkshire food and drink, provide great service, and always put a smile on your face.

Feel free to nominate someone from within your business who you feel deserves recognition for their hard work.

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