Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods is setting the gold standard for festive tipples this season by infusing its vodka liqueurs with edible glitter.

Its new shimmering 9ct range, which includes blood orange and toffee caramel, has been given an extra touch of Christmas twinkle with the addition of edible nine-carat gold glitter.

Raisthorpe Manor is a key player in what looks set to be a strong trend for Christmas 2013, with gold, glitter and glamour making its way on to the festive menu in homes up and down the country.

Marks & Spencer is offering fruit juice laced with glitter and smoked salmon topped with gold leaf; Sainsburys will be selling glistening Christmas baubles made from chocolate; and Asda is stocking a glitter-topped version of its traditional pudding.

‘The twinkly trend comes at the end of what has been quite a gloomy economic year for a great many people,’ said Julia Medforth of Malton-based Raisthorpe Manor (raisthorpemanor.com.) ‘As a result, I think everyone is looking forward to a bit of fun this Christmas ““ and what could be more fun than a sparkly shot of delicious vodka with the added va-va-voom of glittering gold?’

“They are so much fun and smell amazing; simply shake them up and watch them sparkle and keep them in the freezer so they are ice-cold. The toffee caramel is lovely splashed into after-dinner coffee and the blood orange is fantastic in a hot punch,” says Julia. “They’re so twinkly, they even make your pee sparkle!”

The food and drink industry has been trying to find a way to out-dazzle the Christmas star since celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal created his wildly popular whole-candied-orange-stuffed pudding for Waitrose in 2010.

This year’s glittery trend looks set to hit the mark, with industry analyst Verdict predicting £36bn in festive sales (up four per cent on last year.)

‘Not everyone can afford to give their loved ones gold, but a tasty treat infused with edible glitter is a fun way to celebrate the season without breaking the bank,’ said Julia. ‘So forget putting out carrots for Santa’s reindeer ““ only something nine-carat will do this year.’