Crown the Rhubarb

DrinkServes 1

Celebrate the warmer weather and being allowed to host friends in your garden again with this delicious seasonal cocktail from the team at Sloemotion. Pairing their Hedgerow Gin with Rhubarb & Raspberry with prosecco and elderflower, this fresh and light drink is the perfect accompaniment to the lighter spring nights. For more recipe inspiration and to buy online visit


25ml Hedgerow Gin with Rhubarb & Raspberry

75ml Sparkling Elderflower

50ml Prosecco

Sprig of thyme

Fresh Rhubarb


  1. Measure 25ml of Hedgerow Gin Rhubarb & Raspberryand pour into a cocktail glass of your choice.
  2. Top up with 75ml Sparkling Elderflower
  3. Add 50ml Prosecco
  4. Garnish with sprig a of thyme & fresh Rhubarb to taste
  5. Enjoy!