Masons Summer Punch Gin Cocktail

DrinkServes 2

Celebrate the launch of Masons new special edition Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber Gin with this cocktail recipe, perfect for sipping on a lazy afternoon in the garden this bank holiday weekend. The new gin combines crisp pink grapefruit citrus flavours with juniper paired with smooth and cooling cucumber freshness and is perfect with tonic and ice or as part of their Summer Punch Gin Cocktail. For more information, cocktail inspiration and to buy online visit Cut a pink grapefruit and 2 limes into small chunks. Fill a large jug with ice and then squeeze the cut fruit over it and add to the jug. Add the gin, Martini and rose water Top up with the Elderflower Presse. Garnish with a sprig of basil and enjoy poured into ice filled wine glasses with some freshly peeled cucumber ribbons. Top tip - For added flavour leave the fruit herbs and spirits to steep overnight then add the ice and soda when ready to serve.


150ml Masons Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber Gin

150ml Martini Rosso

400ml Elderflower Presse

15ml Rose Water

1 pink grapefruit

2 limes