Seasonal staff on move again

*Direct Law & Personnel*, Deliciouslyorkshire’s dedicated employment law and HR suppliers, are often asked to advise the issue of temporary workers and casual staff. Issues arising with their employment status and rights have changed recently following amendments to existing laws meaning rates of pay have to be the same as permanent staff and there is a right not to be treated any less favourably.

Client experience is that casual employees are not as committed or motivated to the business as permanent staff. Whether they are students, waiting staff, production or sales they are not as productive as permanent employees which makes for an unsettled and unstable work force. Legally speaking the governments changes of legislation have made it easier for employers to terminate employees with under two years service, and ignoring the clear moral issues, government policy is geared towards taking on permanent staff to service seasonal trends by allowing the ability to simply end their employment after the work is completed.

Some companies who have already tried this have openly commented that this is a cost effective exercise, depending upon the skill level and jobs you need to fill, productivity also greatly improves from a stable workforce with greater skills. Commercially, this is even more of a no brainer if recruitment fees are involved. The current job market is ideal for taking on all types of staff in all industries.

From our survey, the only benefit to employing casual staff is that the under 20 year olds have lower minimum wage and therefore cheaper who wouldn’t respond to permanent job adverts whilst in education. Then again, many of the companies doing this are already falling foul of the age discrimination regulations, which haven’t been relaxed for employees with under two years service and which carry higher penalties and awards in tribunal.

Advice in this area has to be to be careful and make sure that discrimination between casual staff and permanents no matter what their age or skillset does not occur.

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