Shepherds Purse launch new organic Yorkshire Blue Cheese

North Yorkshire artisan cheese maker Shepherds Purse have teamed up with fellow family run business Acorn Dairy to launch a new organic blue cheese.

The first organic variety in their already award-winning range, the new Organic Yorkshire Blue has been several years in the making.

Bonded by both families’ shared vision of health and farming sustainably, the two companies decided it was time to revisit their longstanding dream of collaborating, and in early 2023 began trials using Acorn’s organic milk.

Shepherds Purse Director Caroline Bell said: “We’ve always been driven by a passion for artisan cheese-making and a commitment to sustainability and health.

“Our cheeses not only celebrate the rich heritage of Yorkshire and the broader landscape of British agriculture but also embrace the diversity of natural milks produced in our land.

“We have great relationships with our farmers who are truly world class and constantly improving and embracing new technologies to help them farm more sustainably.  The Tweddle family, the proud owners of Acorn Organic Dairy located just up the road from us, embody this ethos and have been a cornerstone of our journey into organic dairy.”

Creamy, sweet and mild in flavour, Organic Yorkshire Blue is an ideal introduction to blue cheese. Handmade and matured over a minimum of eight weeks, it’s turned by hand by their skilled team to achieve its lovely blue veining and smooth texture.

Organic Yorkshire Blue is available now online at and will be in shops throughout the region shortly.