The Dalesman Group take strides to reduce plastic packaging

The Dalesman Group, a leading manufacturer of seasonings, fine food ingredients, culinary and functional blends for the food industry, has made significant changes to its packaging which will see a reduction of 8.8 tonnes of plastic annually.

In its effort to become more sustainable, the Braford based company is in a process of reviewing all its functions and departments to see where improvements can be made.  One such change has been to reduce the number of plastic buckets it uses by replacing them with sacks and encouraging customers to reuse the buckets they already have.

Sally Taylor, Marketing and Communications Manager said: “It’s only through continuing to review all our processes and the materials we use that will help us, as well as our customers, to become more sustainable.

“Whilst this reduction our plastic use is a key move for The Dalesman Group, it’s only part of the company’s ongoing commitment that will bring us closer to reaching its ambition of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.”

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