Three Fruit Snacks Are Added To The Nothing But Freeze Dried Range

Three fruit snacks have been added to the Nothing But freeze dried snack range ““ with a single packet providing a convenient and easy way for people to eat one of their “5 A Day” fruit or vegetable portions.

The new snacks launched by The Premium Snack Company are strawberry & banana, pineapple & grape, and apple & fig.

WinNaturally became the first retailer to stock the new snacks when the company opened a new flagship store in Manchester’s Arndale Centre on August 16. Nothing But snack tastings were provided for the hundreds of people who came to the store’s launch.

David Street, a spokesman at The Premium Snack Company, said: “We originally launched Nothing But with three vegetable snacks and have had very positive customer feedback. We have now widened the appeal of the range by adding the new fruit snacks. For example, many children don’t like vegetables but are happy to have fruit, so the Nothing But fruit snacks will be a novel way for them to have one of their 5 a day.”

“These snacks contain no added salt, sugar, fat, or preservatives so they will appeal to people who are looking for healthy alternative snacks containing 100% natural ingredients. They are also low in calories compared to more traditional snacks,” he added.

The Nothing But range is ideal for people on the go ““ because the vegetables and fruits rehydrate in your mouth, you can eat them with no risk of spills or stains.

“With the Nothing But range, you get nothing but real vegetables and fruit, and because they have been freeze dried they maintain their taste, colour and appearance throughout their shelf life,” said Mr Street.

The Nothing But range retails between £1 and £1.20 a packet, providing a good cash margin for stockists. Nothing But is available on Amazon and at a number of other stockists, including WinNaturally.