Tis the Season for Rhucello

With the world famous Yorkshire forced rhubarb season now well underway, it’s time for one West Yorkshire based producer to spring into action for their busy annual production window.

Rhucello, the brain child of David Burnley from Wakefield, produce rhubarb liqueur using the famous Yorkshire vegetable and since its experimental beginnings in 2012, the business has gone from strength to strength.

Gaining a loyal following of enthusiasts, the tipple which is produced within the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle was originally dreamt up on a stag party in Amsterdam, when a group of friends from West Yorkshire visited a famous Dutch liqueur house and joked that they couldn’t find one made with their much loved local produce.

“What started off as a joke between friends has grown into a successful business,” said David, Rhucello’s founder.  “We’re now stocked in a number of farm shops and independent retailers throughout the region and after a very busy 2016 we’re increasing the number of shows and events that we’re attending this year – starting off with our local one, the Wakefield Rhubarb Festival in February.”

The annual 3 day festival held in Wakefield town center on 17th– 19th February is a celebration of the region’s well-known produce and will feature an array of local food and drink producers.

For more information on Rhucello visit their website www.rhucello.co.uk

6 thoughts on “Tis the Season for Rhucello

  1. Hey everybody! Hope all is going swimmingly. Whenever we visit Yorkshire, we have picked up a bottle to take back to far-flung Western Canada (Alberta). Out here in the west, we can’t kill off enough rhubarb….it grows like a weed here. Nearly every old house’s back yard seems to have rhubarb growing from time immemorial….You can’t kill this stuff off! Nevertheless, so many old prairie recipes from the Old West have rhubarb recipes….pies, tarts, wine…you name it. Old cookbooks from the “dirty thirties” , Depression era recipes feature something rhubarb…..BUT, not this super Bev produced in dear old Yorkshire. If only you could have somewhere in York to stock some, as we tend to make a temporary holiday base there almost yearly. The small Yorkshire towns carrying it are a little inconvenient to get to if you don’t have a car, or a friend with one. Any thoughts about an outlet in York, or even (gasp) London? My other half is enjoying one as I write this. Cheers!

  2. What a fantastic idea and why did nobody think of it before! Tried it at Harrogate Flower Show and was impressed! Like the play on the Limoncello theme….but it’s even better than that!

  3. Sounds amazing, looks delicious. Where can I buy a bottle on Northumberland?

  4. Where can I purchase your product. I live in the north east of Scotland and would like some for my boss for his birthday. He owns a bar/restaurant so something he’s not had before would be a great gift

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