US Journalist teams up with Yummy Yorkshire & Black Garlic to create innovative new ice cream

Artisan ice cream maker Yummy Yorkshire, which is known for its inventive flavours, has created an unusual new ice cream containing Black Garlic® and Dark Chocolate.

The flavour was born following a recent visit to Yummy Yorkshire’s farm in Huddersfield by award-winning US journalist Karen Schaler, who filmed a culinary tour of the region for her networked, coast to coast, cable TV and online show.

The new ice cream is made with Black Garlic® “the missing ingredient” which is produced by gently ageing white garlic. It has a soft texture and sweet taste with hints of balsamic and toffee, but none of the odour associated with white garlic. The dark chocolate gives the ice cream an extra richness and was added following feedback from a tasting panel who found the idea of eating pure Black Garlic® ice cream a touch bizarre.

Karen Schaler whose tour was organised by Yorkshire Food Finders said: “I was so excited to help Louise and Jeremy create a new ice-cream flavour. With everything homemade and using natural ingredients, this ice cream is out-of-this world.”
Louise Holmes co-founded Yummy Yorkshire with her husband Jeremy six years ago and is responsible for the creation of new flavours. She said: “It was great having Karen here to help with a new flavour. We like to try and break the boundaries a little to create unusual yet delicious new flavours so we were delighted when she chose to work with this unusual ingredient.

“Developing the Black Garlic® ice cream was relatively easy. The product is lovely to work with and it blends really well into our base mix. We like it on its own but adding that hint of dark chocolate does add an extra richness to it.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the consumption of Black Garlic® and Dark Chocolate ice cream on the cone. You can hear customers walk into the shop and go ‘ohh!’ when they see the flavour tag. Then they ask for a taste and that’s it; they are converted!”

Karen added: “With flavours like Lou’s Liquorice, Salted Caramel, Spicy Pear & Vanilla Balsamic Vinegar and all the traditional favourites, it’s no wonder I saw Yummy Yorkshire Ice-Cream on so many pub and restaurant menus.”
Black Garlic (UK) Ltd is the nation’s first producer of aged garlic, which has its origins in South Korea and has been available in the UK since 2009. Director Bruce Isaacs said: “I am delighted that Yummy Yorkshire has included our product in such an innovative and exciting ice cream. It proves what a versatile ingredient Black Garlic® can be, and will undoubtedly help bring us to a wider audience.”

The new Black Garlic® and Dark Chocolate flavour is in the process of being sent out as samples to Yummy Yorkshire’s retail customer base and has already acquired a lot of interest, intriguing those who have sampled it.

The ice cream (without the dark chocolate) has been entered into the 2013 Great taste Awards. The Great Taste Awards is the most trusted and recognised food and drink awards in the UK. Each food entered receives feedback from a panel of over 350 judges, the results of the awards will be revealed in November 2013.