The virtuous re-cycle of Henderson’s Relish

An iconic Yorkshire brand have relaunched their familiar glass bottle design giving more than a small nod to its 132 year heritage.

Sheffield based Hendersons Relish, which was founded by Henry Henderson who started selling the famous relish from his general merchant store in Broad Lane in 1885.  In the early days of the business, customers would bring their used bottles back to the store to be refilled from the shops large barrels.

Fast forward 132 year and the family run firm have teamed up with local glass recycling company Beatson Clark to relaunch their iconic bottles using locally sourced recycled glass.

The new bespoke 284ml bottle has the Henderson’s Relish brand name embossed above its signature label, in a redesign that honours the memory of historic Henderson’s bottles from the early years of the last century.

Matt Davies, General Manager at Henderson Relish said: “The bottle is extremely special and iconic not just in Yorkshire but throughout the country.  By using locally sourced and recycled glass we wanted to honour the relationship Sheffield has with Henderson’s Relish and returning to an embossed bottle reminds us of our 132-year history.  We’re delighted with the results”.

Chris Palmer, Business Development Manager at Beatson Clark based in Rotherham said: “We’re very pleased to have been able to design and manufacture a bespoke bottle for such a well-known local brand as Henderson’s Relish.  It’s a great example of closed loop manufacturing because we recycle glass for the council and re-use it to make new bottles.”

Henderson’s Relish is still blended to the original secret recipe of Henry Henderson and the recipe remains a closely guarded secret only known to three family members.