Wartime rationing is happening with Yorkshire asparagus crop

The English asparagus season has proved to be one of the most difficult in years; it started off very well due to a warm March but quickly went wrong during the cold wet spell in April and the month of May so far.

The *Balloon Tree Farm Shop* in North Yorkshire luckily has an area under tunnels which brings the asparagus on a week or two early. This has proved to be invaluable to the farm as this has been the only asparagus it has had so far this year apart for a few spears which have come in the outdoor crop.

Matthew Machin (owner) said _”Although we have had the tunnelled asparagus this has no way been enough to cope with demand, a week ago we decided to go back to the war time as we thought it was only fair to ration the asparagus to two bunches/person, this was to give as many people as possible a chance to enjoy the wonderful crop. As soon as the weather warms up, which I am sure it will, the asparagus will be in abundance as normal.”_

For an update on the Yorkshire crop please phone Matthew or the team at The Balloon Tree on 01759 373023.