WPA Pinfold wins Gold for Daniel Thwaites Packaging Redesign

We are proud to announce that we have won gold at the Design Business Association’s 2012 awards for most effective packaging design.

Our winning entry, for Thwaites seasonal beers, was designed to communicate ‘fresh’ and ‘craft’ to the consumer. The simplicity of the designs made them easy to roll out across the range and the chalk board style ensured consistency and integrity.

Daniel Thwaites signature was given prominence to communicate the provenance of the beer, without over doing the branding. Ultimately the design is about clarity and style, with simplicity that gives the range credibility and stands out from the visual clutter of the typical bar.

Thwaites increased their profit on this range by 160%, with a sales increase of 87%. This represents a fantastic 3147.5% ROI.

“Through the redesign and repositioning of our Signature range, WPA Pinfold has had a significant impact on our craft beers, both in terms of presentation and our approach to brewing, which has a new found confidence. We are delighted with the results and put simply, WPA has answered our brief superbly.”┬Ł

*Sue Allen, Commercial Director, “┬ĘDaniel Thwaites*