Yorkshire Chorizo is the new flavour for Pipers Crisps

Yorkshire Chorizo has been unveiled as the latest flavour in Pipers Crisps’ range of tasty, gourmet crisps. All Pipers Crisps’ flavours are sourced from carefully selected, passionate, artisan producers – and their new Chorizo flavour is no exception. It originates from Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire, where specialist farmer and butcher Chris Wildman rears his rare-breed Oxford Sandy & Black pigs and creates unique Yorkshire Charcuterie in the on-site butchery.

Chris takes up the story. *”We were delighted when Pipers Crisps first suggested that our Chorizo would make an ideal flavour for them. Their award-winning crisps are renowned not only for their excellent taste, but also for the provenance of their flavours. They had been looking for a meat flavour for some time and they decided that our Chorizo would be the perfect taste for their crisps – a distinctive, strong flavour without being too salty,”* he adds.

Chorizo is a dry-cured sausage traditionally made in Spain, Portugal and South America. There are many different recipes – ‘Kirkby Malham’ Chorizo contains coarsely ground pork, hand-mixed with smoked paprika, pepper, garlic and ginger. Once the mix has been prepared and put into its skin, it’s hung for three weeks to dry and cure – the end result is well worth waiting for. Chris explains the provenance behind their Chorizo: “This isn’t a large-scale business – it’s all about quality rather than quantity. We carefully combine the finest ingredients, local where possible, and take the time to produce a true artisan product. Our products are very well received by our customers and we are proud to have won the ‘Local Producer’ award at the Yorkshire Life Food & Drink Awards 2011-12,” Chris adds.

Alex Albone, Managing Director of Pipers Crisps, is delighted to have found such a suitable source for their Chorizo flavour. “When I visited Chris Wildman at his family-run enterprise, where there are three generations working together, I knew I’d found the taste and provenance I was looking for. Chris himself is a fifth generation butcher, so he knows a thing or two about meat. The on-site charcuterie is really exciting. Chris uses only British, rare-breed, outdoor reared pigs to produce a range of hams, bacons and sausages – including Chorizo – for local businesses and farmers’ markets.”

Kirkby Malham Chorizo is the first new flavour to be introduced by Lincolnshire-based Pipers Crisps for several years, as Alex explains: “Unlike many crisp manufacturers, we don’t go in for fashionable or seasonal flavours – we’re only interested in long-term relationships with specialist, artisan flavour partners. Our range now includes eight great flavours, so there’s something for everyone.”
Yorkshire Chorizo Contact Details: Tel 01729 830727,

“Yorkshire Chorizo”:www.yorkshirechorizo.co.uk

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