Farmer Copleys launch Copleys Kitchen

An award-winning West Yorkshire based farm shop have launched a brand-new production and retail experience.

Copleys Kitchen, part of Farmer Copleys near Pontefract, will allow visitors to see, smell and taste first-hand how their favourite artisan jams, gelato and honey are produced on site by their skilled team.

The new bespoke built production kitchen will create a range of homemade produce and highlight the businesses field to fork ethos, with the delicious creations made using locally sourced produce alongside home grown ingredients including honey from their onsite beehives and countless flavours of gelato made with Yorkshire milk and British sugar.

The brainchild of owners Rob and Heather Copley, who founded the business in 2003, the idea for Copleys Kitchen came about following a visit to a similar concept in Intercourse, Pennsylvania in the US some 13 years ago, before bringing the idea back home to the family farm

Rob said: “We’re excited to be able to show visitors exactly how our products are made in front of their eyes, and taste what’s on offer.

“We have a really talented team here at Farmer Copleys who create our fantastic product range including Claudio, who is one of the best gelato makers in the UK and Mr Flatman, who has helped us introduce beehives to the farm, and trained our farm team to be beekeepers! This has allowed us to extract our very own honey from the hives, spin it right here in Copleys Kitchen and jar it for you to take home. Everything is locally sourced, grown and delicious and there is guaranteed to be something for everyone to enjoy.”

Copleys Kitchen is open now.  For more information visit