Yorkshire Wolds brewery launches beer inspired by American ales

An American-inspired pale that packs a floral punch will go on sale in pubs in Yorkshire this month as Wold Top Brewery launches the third of its limited edition cask beers.

Ursa Minor, a pale ale inspired by American brewing traditions, is one of six beers in the Constellation Series that reflect the Big Skies surrounding the Wold Newton brewery.

Ursa Minor, 4.0% ABV, is brewed using two of the USA’s most popular hops, Cascade and Centennial with Pale Ale, Crystal 150 and Wheat Malts.

Brewery Manager, Alex Balchin said: “American beers are known for their hoppy flavours and have inspired our newest range so we’re looking forward to hearing what people think.”

“The Cascade hops produce floral and citrus tones whilst the classic American hop Centennial complements it with a moderate bitterness.”

Ursa Minor, which means ‘little bear’ in Latin, is named after the northern sky constellation with Polaris, the North Star, at the tip.

The new ale follows on from the success of the first two beers in the Constellation series Orion’s Belt and Gemini which were sold in pubs across North and East Yorkshire in January and February respectively.

Wold Top Brewery is located on the Mellor family farm at Hunmanby Grange and produces 26,000 litres of beer a week. Its award winning cask beers are served in pubs throughout Yorkshire and further afield.