A Fearne and Rosie FareShare Christmas

A Yorkshire Dales preserve maker have teamed up with FareShare this Christmas to donate products to those in need.

Fearne and Rosie, who create healthier version of jams and preserves aimed at children, will donate a jar of their Strawberry & Cranberry Reduced Sugar Jam for each one sold to the charity.

Jonathan Williams, Head of Development at FareShare: “We anticipate the coming months will be extremely difficult for the 400 frontline organisations we serve, and this winter will certainly be the hardest in our 24 years of operation.”

Founded in November 2019 by ex-teacher Rachel Kettlewell, the Fearne and Rosie team are passionate about creating healthy options for children and families by creating a range of healthier and tastier products with reduced sugar and more fruit.

Rachel said: “We want to support our community in any way we can. We take pride in making our tasty jams and in the positive feedback we get from customers, but sadly not everyone has access to healthier food choices. 

“In an effort to help families who struggle to make ends meet, we’ve partnered with FareShare, to donate our jams to family charities and we encourage and enable our customers (who feel they are in a position to be able to), to buy an extra jar for FareShare when ordering through our website. 

“In 2021 we also created a special edition Christmas jam, and for every jar bought by a customer, Fearne & Rosie donated a jar to FareShare, meaning that together we’ve donated 561 jars to FareShare over the last 12 months.”