Be patriotic and healthy by choosing Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

Yorkshire Rapeseed oil has been on the increase in the last few years which has been highlighted in BBC1s Rip Off Food. Rip Off Food investigates some of the devious cons in the food industry. Aired Friday 2nd November 2012 Gloria Hunniford presented issues from fish mislabelling, reformed ham and olive oil. Watching the programme made you wary of what you pay for and a tiny bit queasy.

The first issue was mislabelled fish. Some restaurants and chippy’s are selling Vietnamese river fish and passing it off as Cod, so beware what you are paying for. The second issue was that of pizza toppings and more specially ham, especially if it turns out to be reformed ham. I won’t spoil this surprise for you; you’ll have to watch the programme to find out.

The main discussion which sparked our interest was that of olive oil versus rapeseed oil. Gloria discovered that many olive oils may not actually include 100% olives and many extra virgin olive oils are mislabelled. This is when the rapeseed oils come to their front. Rapeseed oil is a British alternative to olive oil and the benefits don’t stop there. They have pretty much half the saturated fat compared to olive oil. Rapeseed oil typically has 6.5% saturated fat and olive oil a whopping 12-13% saturated fat. Some medical professionals have been known to suggest the replacement to help lower cholesterol levels.

Rapeseed oil is also the better option for cooking. Compared to olive oil it has a higher burn point meaning no smoke is created and better tasting, healthier food which is produced right here in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil and Wharfe Valley Farms are two prominent companies making rapeseed oil right here in Yorkshire. Both companies produce oil of exceptional qualities literally only a few miles away from you and not a flight away. So you can really eat healthier, cook better and be show your patriotism too!
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