The Peppered Pig restaurant in Snaith swapped Stir-up Sunday ““ the traditional day for mixing your Christmas pudding ““ for a special ‘Stir-up Monday’ on November 24th, inviting children from Turnbridge Day Nursery to go stir-crazy and create a supersized Christmas pudding mix.
Peppered Pig owner Sam Mitchell, who runs the nextdoor nursery with husband Glen and manager Jeanette Espley, helped children to stir up a Christmas pudding, reinstating what has become a forgotten tradition for many children.

Dating back to Victorian times, Stir-up Sunday (which falls on the last Sunday before advent) would see families leave church services to make Christmas pudding together. However, recent figures suggest that thanks to ready-made puddings, hectic lifestyles and changing tastes, less than two thirds of British children have ever stirred a Christmas pudding and enjoyed the tradition.

“Long before supermarkets supplied us with pre-made puddings, most families would have taken turns to stir, make a wish, and store away the pudding until the big day ““ but it’s become a forgotten tradition,” says mum-of-three Sam, already famous for her handmade, pastries and breads made in her own onsite bakery. “Today, so many children don’t get to experience the spice, the sweetness and the wonderful aromas of making a Christmas pudding at home ““ and I’m passionate about reconnecting them with this lovely food tradition.”