Meet our members – Delifresh

*Giving the customers what they want!*
Having worked as a chef and being generally fantatical about food, Robert Ramsden knows how important it is to be able to get hold of fresh produce on a daily basis and that’s exactly what Delifresh provides to hospitality businesses all over Yorkshire and the North of England.

He says “Every day around 500 orders come in to our warehouse (many of them over night) and the chefs placing those orders expect their order to be delivered into their kitchen the next morning.”

“Chefs generally work very long hours, so the last thing they want to be doing at the end of service is ringing round several different suppliers to make sure they have the correct ingredients for the next day, so as well as stocking fantastic fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs our product range includes dairy and eggs, dry ingredients such as flour, granola and mueslis, charcuterie and cured meats as well chocolate, chutneys, condiments and preserves.”

*Getting ahead of the game!*
Delifresh isn’t just about giving chefs what they want though, it’s about predicting what they are going to want in coming years, driving food trends and discovering exciting new ingredients.
As head of specialist development at Delifresh, Robert Ramsden is tasked with finding the most exciting new produce, experimenting in the Delifresh development kitchen and then educating their customers on their newest products.

Robert says “We always have to be six steps ahead and know what our customers want way before they do. It’s all about being innovative but making sure we can meet demand too”

*From the roots up!*
As well as maintaining a close relationship with their customers, the team at Delifresh are all about looking after their local suppliers too.
While it would be impossible to stock their full range from entirely Yorkshire producers, Delifresh is committed to working and supporting the farmers on their doorstep.

For many of the Yorkshire growers and farms they work with, Delifresh is the ideal route to market, guaranteeing a fair price and buyer for their crop. Delifresh often advise suppliers on what crops they could growing to meet demand from Delifresh’s customers.

Robert says “It often takes a year of experimenting to get the crop right, but by encouraging our suppliers to try growing something different, they can get more profit just by growing something that’s in demand. In turn they’re helping us meet our customers’ needs and we’re keeping things local which is always a bonus!”

Anyone interested in working with Delifresh should call their head office on 01274 743737