Flavrbox: Introducing a New Way to Sell Your Food Produce

Flavrbox “www.flavrbox.com”:http://www.flavrbox.com/ are a newly launched social enterprise with a simple mission; to make it easy for people all over the country to buy great quality products from Britain’s incredible array of independent food and drink producers. _”We started Flavrbox because we love food, but also because we wanted to do something to create a better industry; a vibrant and diverse marketplace, based on principles of trust, transparency, fairness, honesty and mutual respect. Today, 80% of global food trade is in the hands of five multinational corporations and consumers are faced with increasingly homeogenised ranges of unhealthy products, sourced from all over the world, simply to allow the large retailers and other agro corporations to maximise their profits”_ explains Seb Powell, co-founder. _”We believe that part of the solution to this problem is to champion independent food and drink producers; to give them a voice, let them share their story and make it easy for people to ‘connect’ with them.”_

So practically speaking, how does it work? “Right now, Flavrbox is an online marketplace ““ a bit like a farmer’s market if you like, except it’s online, runs all year round and is national!” explains Ruben Kostucki, co-founder. “Our revenue model works on a commission basis, which means we don’t have to play hardball with our producers, unlike most retailers.”

So far, feedback from both producers and consumers has been overwhelmingly positive: “We can shout all we like from the farm gate, but small producers supplying great food can only do so much and we need as much help as we can get enable the supply of local produce direct to people’s doors” says producer Luke Hasell from The Story Group. “Flavrbox is a great concept. We decided to get involved because it means that we are able to tell our story, to explain why our products are unique, and because we can sell to individuals rather than via some anonymous buyer” says Ginny Mayall from Pimhill Farm. “I think that Flavrbox is encouraging a food community of producers and customers which is valuable to us all. Dealing directly with customers is ideal for us; we want to be able to explain how we grow our cereals, why we choose to produce our range of products in the way we do and to describe what makes our products unique.”

The team behind Flavrbox are also keen to express that the online marketplace element of the venture is only just the beginning. “We’re currently exploring a number of exciting ideas to progressively create a better and simply experience for people” explains Seb. “One of the initiatives we’re going to be focusing on for the next couple of months is a ‘tasting box’ scheme, the idea being to create a monthly subscription whereby once signed up, you’ll receive every month a box of treats from some of our producers. A great treat, certainly, but one that also aims to encourage you to discover new products you wouldn’t normally buy, either because you haven’t come across them, or simply because out of habit, you stick to certain brands.”

If you are producer interested on selling your produce through the Flavrbox website, drop the Flavrbox Team an email at hello@flavrbox.com or visit “https://flavrbox.com/umicrosite/vendor/register/”:https://flavrbox.com/umicrosite/vendor/register/