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Delivered by industry specialists this series of 6 workshops gives you hands on, expert information on how to grow your business confidently and efficiently. It is important for businesses to grow in the correct way, and essential for businesses to get it right the first time.

*The workshops are supported and part-funded by the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).*

Each workshop is dedicated to a different aspect of business development, so let our team of experts guide you towards growth…

*Why should you attend?*

* Cost effective way of learning new, relevant information
* Content delivery is created with your sector in mind by expert speakers
* Network with like minded businesses at all events

*Venue: Askham Bryan College, York, 9.00am ““ 5.30pm*

*Price: Each workshop is just £110 +VAT per delegate (usual price £510 +VAT)*

Save a further £10 + vat per delegate if you sign up to two or more workshops!

h2. 1. Do you want to increase profit through growth in 2012?


A detailed workshop helping you to understand the best ways for your business to grow with interactive sessions designed to understand your business situation and the steps to take to start your path to growth. Delivered by Paul Clarke of Boston Clarke, a fully trained and highly experienced business and sales coach and Alice Amsden a founder Director of Wensleydale Creamery, Hawes, who for the past 4 years has been a business advisor helping cut costs, improve margins and increase sales; will ensure that by the end of the workshop your business development plan will be in progress.


* Understand the types of growth and strategic options available ““ why grow?
* Become familiar with the barriers that prevent growth and how to overcome these
* Define the elements necessary to develop a comprehensive and successful development plan
* Take part in tailored breakout sessions to get to the root of your business needs

*Date: Wednesday 25th January 2012*

h2. 2. Do you want to make more profit through your people?

Description: Having the right people is key to a successful business. How do you get the best out of this costly resource? People are more complex than any machine you will install but they don’t come with an operating manual, most Managers are not even trained on how to use them. There is a direct correlation between customer retention and staff retention.

People are a valuable asset yet they don’t appear on the balance sheet. Top tips on Man Management and tools to assess and develop their performance from Alice Amsden. Her business started with 5 and grew to 150 staff in 10 years.


* Be a confident leader of people
* Recruitment is expensive, in both time and money. Make the right selection.
* People have different motivators ““ learn what motivates your staff to give 100%
* Offer the correct incentives to retain your people
* Develop your staff to ensure they help you to grow your business
* Utilise all the skills your staff have to offer ““ not just their hands
* Improve performance ““ good managers focus on strengths not weaknesses
* First we make people ““ then we make profit

*Date: Wednesday 1st February*

h2. 3. Would your customers give you top grades for your manufacturing practices?

All food manufacturers must comply with standards and procedures to ensure their premises and manufacturing procedures are safe and legal. This workshop turns onerous policies and procedures into simple, manageable ways of working (training, cleaning, temperature control, stock control and product shelf life). Kevin Vaughan, a qualified food technologist with over 30 years experience in the food industry will share his wealth of knowledge in this very cost effective format, ensuring you leave the workshop with the confidence to run a fully compliant operation.

Benefits of attending:

* Keep fully up to date with current legislation and required documentation
* Understand the steps to take to reach accreditation for your chosen market
* Ensure greater operational efficiency within your business, maintaining due diligence at all times
* Save costs by reducing the need for third party audits

*Date: Wednesday 15th February*

h2. 4. Are your products safe and legal ““ can you prove this to your end customer?

Food Safety must be the highest priority for any food manufacturing business; do you have the correct evidence and records in place? Could a customer trace your product back to its raw ingredient? Do your labels comply with current legal trading standards? Does your HACCP cover all products, processes and eventualities? This workshop will be delivered by Kevin Vaughan and Rob Blacklock from Trading Standards providing all the essential information around Food Safety and the legal requirements.

Benefits of attending:

* Understand the catastrophic effects a product recall situation could have on your business and the ways to protect your business
* Ensure all your products can be fully traced and evidenced throughout the supply chain
* Avoid the consequences of illegal and poor labeling
* Be confident in making internal and external audits a breeze!

*Date: Wednesday 29th February*

h2. 5. Could you confidently create a strategy to success?

Understand the makeup of both a company and a marketing strategy and how to implement this into a manageable plan for you and your team. Covering business planning, cash flow forecasting, production capability and marketing methods, Alice Amsden will bring her business acumen to this workshop whilst Deborah Goodall will bring her 18 years of experience working in marketing alongside small to medium sized businesses as a qualified marketer.

Benefits of attending:

* Implement your short, medium and long term goals into practical plans
* Understand and have confidence in your brand and what it means to your customers
* Present your products to the right audience in the most effective ways
* Make the most of traditional marketing methods

*Date: Wednesday 7th March*

h2. 6. Can you confidently approach and sell your products to your key customers?

Sales is the key to any business survival but knowing your products and having the right USP`s is essential to maximise sales opportunities. This high-quality, informative and interactive workshop on “Winning Through” covers product costings, pack size and price points, supporting materials, product knowledge, USP`s and pricing structure as well as how to approach your customers and present your products in a way that will provide maximum impact to secure vital sales. George Hamilton has spent the last 8 years delivering business advice and through the Growing Routes programme successfully supported 300 new businesses to get started and grow their business through making the most of new opportunities.

Benefits of attending:

* Differentiate your offer to inspire your customer through developing the right USP`s
* Understand how to optimize profit margins through lowering product costings and improving price points
* Confidently deliver a winning pitch
* Stay ahead of the game by understanding the market and making the most of new product development opportunities
* Know how to successfully turn leads into new business

*Date: Wednesday 14th March*


Limited places available so please book early to avoid disappointment. For further information and to book your place, contact Katie Clements

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*T* 01937 830354