Gordon Rhodes increases use of recyclable packaging

Gordon Rhodes Ltd has changed the material it uses for the inner sachets of its gourmet sauce and stuffing ranges, making them recyclable at home and more eco-friendly.

The new packaging had been trailed in the new material to ensure it provided the balance between protecting the quality of the products and maintaining their shelf life, whilst reducing the impact on the environment.  The new sachets are made from 100% PP film which is widely recycled, meaning consumers can put the packaging in their kerbside collection recycling bin.  In addition, although the quantity of the product remains the same, the physical size of the recyclable sachets has been reduced to further decrease the amount of plastic packaging material used.

This switch is just the latest move the company has made to use more sustainable packaging, helping consumers to recycle waste and diverting it away from landfill, as they continue to look at steps towards becoming net zero.

The new sachet material will be rolled out across its entire range over the coming months.

For more information and to buy their range online visitwww.gordonrhodes.co.uk