GREEN PLANET INNOVATIONS proudly introduce the EUREKA Heat Recovery System

*Free hot water from refridgeration waste heat*
With ever rising energy prices the EUREKA Heat Recovery System offers you a most efficient way to recover waste heat from refrigeration systems to deliver FREE hot water. All you need is a minimum of 2kW of refrigeration.

Reduce Energy Costs Heat water to 55-60C virtually on demand, or for storage. Fridge plant 2 kW to 2 MW, 100 litres to 1,000,000 litres. Eureka systems are more efficient than standard heat exchangers. See table for savings.

*Food Safe Water*
The Eureka® patented safety circuit guarantees that refrigerant and oil cannot contaminate the water. Hand wash, cleaning, ingredient, crate wash, food process water must all be food safe. Single wall plate heat exchangers do not offer this guarantee. See Legislative Compliance below. Corrosion protection and plug in de-scaling circuit as standard.

Reduce CO2 Emissions
Even a relatively small plant can use large quantities of hot water adding up to many tonnes of CO2 in a short period. See table for emissions reduction.

*Legislative Compliance*
The EUREKA Heat Recovery System complies with the EU requirements* for heating food safe water with refrigerants. Single wall plate heat exchangers do not and in the event of failure will contaminate the water with harmful materials. *EN1717 requires refrigerant and food quality water to be separated by two impermeable surfaces with a safety circuit *EN 12897 defines how the safety cut out will be designed.

*Your Business*
To establish feasibility for your business simply call the number below. We will ask you for approximate hot water usage and the energy source currently used to heat water.

Eureka Heat Recovery System Savings and CO2 Emission Reductions

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