I never thought I’d like blue cheese…

This week sees “The Devonshire Arms”:http://www.devonshirechefs.co.uk/food-festival.cfm at Bolton Abbey hold their third annual food festival and our marketing manager, Jo was lucky enough to go along to one of their special events, a cheese tasting with Judy Bell of Shepherds Purse.

According to Twitter she had a wonderful afternoon… but in her own words here’s a bit about her trip to The Devonshire’s food festival.

“Amongst deliciouslyorkshire’s members there are some amazing, perhaps famous stories of how businesses started and I would count Shepherd’s Purse among them. Knowing Judy through working at deliciouslyorkshire I thought I knew the whole Shepherd’s Purse story, however I was wrong.
It was great to hear Judy talk with such passion and enthusiasm about her business and the journey that she, her family and the cheese have been on since the mid 1980’s. It’s plain to see that Judy really knows her stuff and the science behind the cheese is fascinating.
The cheeses that Judy brought along to sample were Olde York, Katy’s Lavender, Blue-min White, Yorkshire Blue, Harrogate Blue and Blue Monday. Amazingly my favorite was Harrogate Blue, for someone who is adamant she doesn’t like blue cheese it’s possible I’ve been converted.”