Meet the Chief

Yorkshire’s multi-award winning Ilkley Brewery launches The Chief: the latest beer in its Origins range. The double hopped 7% IPA is an American classic bristling with flavour and character made using all-American Magnum, Columbus and Chinook hops.

The Chief is the latest beer in Ilkley’s Orgins line which celebrates some of the world’s greatest ales. Collaborating with leading beer luminaries like Melissa Cole and Pete Brown to create the beers, the Origins range explores traditional methods and innovative techniques to craft exciting new ales packed with flavour.

Speaking about the launch of The Chief, Chris Ives, one of Ilkley Brewery’s directors, said: “The last three years have been incredible for us as a brewery ““ our flagship and core beers have won us a string of awards and a loyal following which we’re delighted with. What we want to do now is build on this success and experience to brew truly innovative and intriguing ales that combine our passion for making top quality ale with our appetite for new and exciting ingredients and techniques.

“The Chief is a great example of this philosophy as it is a bold and brave beer which takes influence from America’s brilliant brewing heritage but it is a beer that still holds qualities which Ilkley Brewery is known for.”

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