As part of the summer of British celebration North Yorkshire company SLOEmotion has extended their range with a ground-breaking new product, SLOEMOTION No. 7 – a drink designed for the summer party or barbeque with the simple addition of lemonade, fruit, herbs and ice.

A twist on the traditional fruit or summer cup, SLOEMOTION No. 7 is a Gin-spirited blend of hedgerow, orchard and field fruits together with hedgerow blossom and herbs ““ a truly novel product of the British countryside, and a forager’s (liquid) feast. It has a delicious smooth fruity taste with floral and citrus hints and a strong dry finish.

It is SLOEmotion’s seventh drink product, hence the name, following their CHERRY Brandy and DAMSON Gin, launched last year, and their original stable of SLOE-based liqueurs ““ SLOE Gin, SLOE Whisky, SLOE Brandy and SLOE Vodka. SLOEMOTION No. 7 has an exciting new label (designed by Owen Turner of York based United by Design) and comes in a 50cl bottle; while its look is fresh and distinctive it is very much a part of the SLOEmotion family; a cousin rather than a sibling!

SLOEmotion recommends serving 1 part SLOEMOTION No.7 to 4 parts lemonade, with added slices of citrus and summer fruits, a sprig of garden mint and lots of ice. For those who want to forage further afield, the addition of hedgerow herbs such as lemon balm, or summer blossom such as elderflower, is also recommended as a novel serving suggestion.

When the weather turns cooler, SLOEMOTION No.7 can also be consumed neat as an after-dinner digestif or as a warming shot on a winter’s day.

For further information please contact:
Jonathan Curtoys, t 01653 618288 m 07786 858915