Saffron Tree

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Saffron Tree is a new brand offering a range of delicious, contemporary regional Indian cuisine. Monalisa Fathima, founder, takes you on a fantastic culinary journey to find the finest spices and discover the authentic flavours of India, whilst supporting local businesses and wherever possible using produce that is exclusively grown in Yorkshire.

Our Story:

“I have developed an authentic, contemporary range of Indian cuisine, inspired by my grandmother. She told wonderful stories, my favourite of which was The Magic Saffron Tree. The elusive tree, so the story goes, grows in a shaded courtyard in my hometown of Hyderabad. When it blossoms, the saffron tree yields the most aromatic saffron imaginable. The complex aromas of my range instantly transport me back to my childhood and my grandmother’s wonderous tales. ”
Monalisa Fathima – Founder