Morrisons launches Yorkshire tapas range on Yorkshire Day

Morrisons is to launch a new ready meal range that will put Yorkshire’s finest dishes alongside the best that the rest of the world has to offer.

Yorkshire Tapas imageIn a supermarket first, dishes such as “Yorkshire Pudding with Yorkshire Beef Rib” will be sold on supermarket aisles alongside Indian, Italian and Chinese meals.

The “Yorkshire Tapas” range will be served in sharing packs, imitating the casual eating style made famous by the Spanish. The trend of combining local food and serving it tapas-style with smaller sharing plates was spotted by Morrisons chefs combing the region’s leading pubs and restaurants for inspiration.

The range, which comprises of 12 dishes, has been created using ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers. For example, The Rhubarb Triangle Farm Shop, based in Wakefield, supplies the rhubarb relish used in the Cheese & Ham Croquettes dish. It will be the first Yorkshire-inspired ready meals range.

Morrisons development chef, Richard Jones said: “One of our priorities is to offer customers the local foods that matter to them. Yorkshire has its own distinctive food trends and we listened hard for what customers are eating when we developed this range.  We hope that by sourcing the best that Yorkshire has to offer we have a created dishes that become customers’ tea time favourites.”

The full range comprises:

  • Pork Crackling with Yorkshire Cider Apple Sauce
  • Yorkshire Cheddar Cauliflower Cheese with Henderson’s Relish
  • Yorkshire Stout Cottage Pie with Beef Dripping Mash
  • Filled Yorkshire Pudding with Yorkshire Beef Rib, Smoked Mash and Parsnip Crisps
  • Lamb Hotpot with Henderson’s Relish
  • Pork Belly Bites with Creamy Yorkshire Cider Sauce, Gingerbread and Apple
  • Salt & Vinegar Chicken Thighs with Brown Sauce
  • Yorkshire Rarebit Mac & Cheese
  • Treacle Pigs in Blankets with Blue Wensleydale Dippy Mash
  • Whitby Scampi with Lemon, Tartar Sauce and Samphire
  • Beef Dripping Chips with Fountains Gold Cheese & Bacon
  • Cheese & Ham Croquettes with Rhubarb Relish

In addition to Yorkshire Tapas, Morrisons has also introduced Yorkshire-reared fresh beef and pork to its Yorkshire butchery counters. From Yorkshire Day, all chops, loins, joints, steaks and mince at the counter will be sourced from around 160 Yorkshire farmers.

The tapas range and Yorkshire-reared fresh meat launch on Yorkshire Day and are available in all 58 of Morrisons Yorkshire stores.