New Snack Range Is The First To Contain Freeze Dried Yogurt

The first snack range in the UK to contain freeze dried yogurt combined with real fruit slices has been launched by The Premium Snack Company.

Created to provide a healthier yet indulgent alternative to snacks such as confectionery and crisps, the Fru Snax range features two different flavours ““ peach slices & vanilla yogurt melt and fig slices & cherry yogurt melt. A third flavour, strawberry slices & raspberry yogurt melt, is due to follow shortly.

David Street, a spokesman at The Premium Snack Company, said: “Each packet contains less than 50 calories so the range will have a strong appeal for people who are health and weight conscious, often eat on the move and are looking for something that’s tasty, indulgent and healthier than a traditional bag of crisps or confectionery count line.”

“The yogurt melt adds a real touch of luxury. It comes in small squares that literally melt in your mouth, meaning that you get all the flavour of yogurt but with no risk of spills or stains. Everyone who tried the range at our product tastings absolutely loved it, “ he added.

“Fru Snax also provides many of the benefits derived from the freeze drying process, such as a much longer shelf life and fruit that maintains its taste, essential nutrients, colour and appearance. Additionally, the live cultures in the yogurt are also preserved in such a way that they can come back to life when they are consumed, so adding a really unique health benefit from a snack line.”

Approved by the Vegetarian Society, Fru Snax will retail between £1 and £1.20 a packet, providing a good cash margin for stockists. It is initially available on Amazon.

The Premium Snack Company’s launch of Fru Snax comes within three months of it introducing the Nothing But freeze dried vegetable snack range to the UK market.