Nick Stafford visits The 1875 Restaurant in Menston

*It’s not strictly news but we think it’s worth sharing!*

*Nick Stafford, Founder of “Hambleton Ales”: and Chair of the deliciouslyorkshire board went out for dinner the other night and found himself at “The 1875 Restaurant”: in Menston near Ilkley.*

Like we said before, Nick going out for dinner isn’t news but he had a thoroughly nice time and wanted to let you all know (in his opinion) it’s definitely worth a visit!

Here’s what he has to say about his visit to The 1875 Restaurant:

“Yesterday I quite by chance had dinner at The 1875 Indian Restaurant. The table was booked by my friends who had no idea I was due to attend a DY event there on November 25th. I, amongst millions, am a devotee of spicy food, but this was not just food. This was fine dining and, contrary to media reports of flagging fortunes of Asian restaurants, is my idea of fun.

Instead of a menu a mile long with sometimes grammatically challenged terms commonly seen on the back of a pickle jar, we had sumptuous descriptions of freshly prepared and cooked delights. The brevity of dishes, but still not enough time to avoid making the wrong choice, is testament to the passion and dedication of the owner, Manjinder.

He and his small team were shortlisted for the DY Awards this year and on the basis of the welcome, service and food it was deserved. The winner must be exceptionally good too! I had Punjabi Pakoras and Lamb Masala Curry. Simples? Oh, no way ““ a carefully crafted , spice balanced experience followed and, for the curry, a small side dish of freshly ground chilli powder just in case they thought I was a chilli freak! Heaven, because I am! In fact it is probably an indication of the care the chef takes when chilli tasted so like chilli, but was not hot enough to hide the other flavours.

My friends equally enjoyed the cosy ambience above the railway station at Menston, near Burley, and remarked on the silence of the passing trains only a few metres. The beer was rubbish, but I have that in hand.”

If you’re a delicioulyorkshire member and you’d like to find out what all the fuss is about we’re hosting a workshop and networking event at The 1875 Restaurant on Monday 25th November to find out more or book a place “click here.”:

NB: As much as we’d love to invite everyone to the party…please note November 25th is a trade only event and not open to the general public