North Yorkshire based Ethical Coffee Business Needs Help to Build Coffee Oasis

A North Yorkshire based coffee roasting business are asking for donations to help them realise their dream of opening a coffee shop in the area.

Rounton Coffee, founded by David Beattie and Tracy Lee, have set up an online Crowdfunding campaign, which asks members of the public to donate to a variety of causes and projects.  Having already invested in the project themselves, the East Rounton based company need an extra bit of help to complete the project and the campaign will aim to raise £10,000 to fit out the café with equipment.

Having acquired premises on Bedford Street in Middlesbrough the duo, along with their team plan to decorate the café in a simple modern classic style, offering a seasonal selection of espresso and filter coffees as well as a variety of locally sourced foods.

Set up just over two years ago, after David returned from travelling in Sumatra where he spent time working with coffee farmers, the business is built on an ethos of sustainability and ethically sourced products.

David said: “We really need some help here to get this project off the ground and would like to appeal to anyone who lives in or visits the area to help us establish the first truly seasonal and sustainable coffee shop in the town.”

The kickstarter campaign lasts for 30 days and in that time the total sum must be reached – otherwise they receive nothing.  In return for pledging money towards the campaign, each supporter will receive a variety of rewards depending on how much they donate including a cup of coffee and a slice of cake for a £5 donation, right up to an evening for a party of up to 25 people for £500.

For more information on the project and to donate visit Rounton Coffee Roasters on Facebook