Chicken Italia with Spinach & Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Main courseServes 4

If the latest lockdown’s got you reaching for the comfort food then this delicious recipe from the team at Bedale based HECK is the perfect winter warmer. Using their Chicken Italia Mince alongside spinach and ricotta, this quick and tasty supper is the perfect combination of healthy and hearty to stave off those January blues. For more recipe inspiration and to buy online visit their website

Pork Dumplings with Cabbage

Main courseServes 4

# Blitz shallot, spring onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, mushroom in liquidiser. # Pour into a bowl with pork, add Worcestershire sauce and lemon zest. # Mix well and check seasoning. # Test, cook a little and re-season if necessary. # Heat oil in a stir-fry pan. # Roll mixture into 28 even sized balls. # Seal in pan and fry quickly, colouring all sides. # Cook for 2-3 minutes, take out and keep warm. # Add chilli and garlic to pan and quickly fry. # Add cabbage and cook for 2 minutes. # Add pork balls and cook for 30 seconds. # Add corn flour mixture well stirred. # Bring up to the boil and cook for 2 minutes. # Serve piping hot.

Jason Wardill’s Yorkshire Tapas Platter – Yorkshire Lamb Kofta

StarterServes 6

1) Mix together all the ingredients until well blended. Divide into 6 balls, and then roll each ball on a board with a cupped hand to turn them into ovals. 2) Thread onto 4 metal skewers and brush with oil. 3) To cook on a griddle: heat the pan until you can feel a good heat rising and cook for 3-4 mins each side. Don't turn until they are well sealed or the meat will stick to the grill or pan. 4) Serve with a dipping sauce.