Raspberry and Passion Fruit Cheesecake

DessertServes 6-8

Need a simple, sweet dessert you can make with minimal fuss! This creamy raspberry and passion fruit cheesecake from the team at Raydale Preserves really hits the spot! Using their Raspberry and Passion Fruit jam this tangy dessert is easy to make and the perfect weekend pudding. For more information and to buy online visit www.raydalepreserves.co.uk  

Raspberry and Almond Cake

DessertServes 8

With raspberry season in full swing, take the opportunity to put these delicious berries to good use with this Raspberry and Almond Cake recipe from the team at Jervaulx Abbey Tearooms near Leyburn.  Both gluten and dairy-free, this cake was awarded the top honour in the Best Free From Product category at the Deliciouslyorkshire Taste Awards. The Abbey itself has recently reopened to visitors and this recipe is taken from the tearoom’s own recipe book, In Their Footsteps which celebrates the Burdon family’s 25 years of baking heritage at the historic site. For more information visit their website www.jervaulxabbey.com

White Chocolate Pot with Raspberry Jelly and Raspberry Sorbet

DessertServes 6


# To make 400ml cold stock syrup, boil 300g castor sugar, 25g glucose and 400ml water together for 5 minutes.

For the pots:

# Place the cream, zest and vanilla pod (deseeded) into a pan. # Bring to boil and infuse for 30 minutes. # Melt white chocolate and then add yolks. # Bring cream back to simmer, add to chocolate, mixing well. # Pass through a sieve into a jug. # Pour into six shot style glasses and fill, stopping around 6mm from the top of glass. # Cool to room temperature, then place in fridge.

Raspberry sorbet:

# Puree raspberries and pass through sieve. # Measure out 600g of puree, reserving the rest. # Add around 300ml of stock syrup to puree. # Add raspberry liquor to taste, along with a squeeze of lemon. # Rest in fridge for a couple of hours, then churn in ice cream maker. # Place in freezer.

Raspberry jelly:

# Soften gelatine in a little cold water. # Heat up remaining puree with around 50ml of stock syrup. # Squeeze out gelatine, add to raspberry puree. # Leave to cool, mixing regularly. # When nearly setting, top chocolate pots with jelly. # Return to fridge to set.

To serve:

# Place chocolate pot on plate and decorate with raspberry sauce, optional caramel springs (practice required!) and fresh raspberries. # Place sorbet on plate and serve.

Baby shower smoothie

DrinkServes 1

Devised by Raisthorpe Manor to commemorate the birth of the royal baby this cocktail is a majestic muddle of summer fruit by blending Raisthorpe Raspberry Gin Liqueur with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, crushed raspberries or strawberries, and ice-cubes.