Riverford enjoys increased sales of meat

Meat sales are up at Riverford Organic Farms in Yorkshire.

Demand for meat at Home Farm, Newby Wiske near Northallerton has increased in the last month as the horsemeat scandal has taken hold.

Riverford’s overall meat sales are up 50% on the same time last year, while at Home Farm sausages and burgers are up 15%, beef mince 10% and steaks 5%.

Riverford has worked closely with small family farms over many years. The company knows all its farm suppliers personally and visits them regularly, on top of their annual audit by the Soil Association which has the most exacting standards of animal welfare and traceability.

Animals travel a minimal distance and are humanely slaughtered at Riverford’s fully EC approved abbatoir.

Home Farm manager Mark Smith said: “This latest food crisis has made customers keener than ever to know exactly where and how their meat has been farmed and produced.

“At Riverford, our meat is produced in the UK on small family farms which are regularly audited for welfare standards.

“We never use imported meat and we make all our sausages and burgers by hand from the same organic ingredients that we use in all our products.

“And most of our customers accept our view of ‘meat and 10 veg’ ““ eating a bit less meat but making it better quality.”