Riverford’s Christmas leftover tips

We all love Christmas for its celebration of the very best of British culinary traditions ““ from freshly picked sprouts to sweet flavoured parsnips and carrots and crispy roast potatoes ““ all served with the traditional succulent turkey or goose. A generous hand is a must and even the most organised Christmas host will have bits and pieces left after the final feast. Save yourself from dubious brussels sprout soup and turkey curry with these tips from Riverford chef Jane Baxter.

*Turkey Stock*
â—¦ Break up the carcass and put in a pan with stock veg (celery, onion, carrot, maybe some parsley stalks), garlic and peppercorns. Cover with cold water and simmer for 2 hours. Strain off the stock and store in the fridge (for a few days) or freezer.
â—¦ turkey + leek gratin
â—¦ Make a roux with butter and flour and slowly whisk in turkey stock. Pour over cooked leeks and shredded turkey in a dish. Top with breadcrumbs mixed with fried bacon lardons and sage. Bake until bubbling.

*Turkey + Veg Pilaff*
â—¦ Cook onion, garlic and curry powder in butter, then stir in some rice. Add turkey stock, simmer and when the rice is almost tender add any chopped leftover veg. When cooked, stir through shredded cooked turkey and herbs.
â—¦ festive bread + butter pudding

If you have any Christmas pudding left, crumble it into small pieces, then mix the pieces into the custard in a bread and butter pudding recipe. It adds a warming spiced flavour.

*bubble + squeak*
â—¦ Shred sprouts or cabbage and add to mashed potato. Mix together and cook in butter in a non-stick pan. Good with cold turkey and pickles.
caramelised clementines
â—¦ Peel, slice across into rounds and caramelise in brown sugar in a heavy-bottomed pan. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

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